Moon Express Cargo LLC


  Consignment Service


Our specialized Consignment Cargo service guarantees minimum TAT (turn-around-time) with prompt deliveries. Our service to fixed routes around the Sultanate ensures daily visits to our clients to deliver and pickup their consignments. Our online “track and trace” live application is updated with every level of information.


We have daily shipment service all over the Sultanate of Oman with our exclusive fleets. Our Omani drivers delivers the shipment at a regular time on all days.


Customized client login, dedicated MIS reports, automated e-mail alerts and SMS alerts are salient features of this service




  Corporate Consignment Service


MEC''s Corporate Consignment Service is unique of its kind. It caters to specific corporate with a dedicated service to ensure unlimited pickups and deliveries between their networks. Every consignment picked up on this service is immediately alerted to both ends and a special report is auto generated for reconciliation at the end of day.


Our pickup / delivery agent is using a special device to capture the data and communicate to our server for updates. So, our clients can “track and trace” any consignment at any time.


Customized client login, dedicated MIS reports, automated e-mail alerts and SMS alerts are salient features of this service.




  Courier Service


Moon Express Cargo LLC’s global solutions provide express door-to-door service for documents and parcels all over the world. Our dedicated partnership with international giants network ensures that every courier consignment reaches their destination on time, every time. Similarly, incoming couriers are taken care by our team of professionals to deliver them with priority.


Our inbound delivery network ensures that every courier is handled with care and speedy deliveries.


Our outbound network allows us to send the shipment to our global partners on daily basis and ensures safe and quick process.




  Mailroom Service


MEC’s “Mailroom Management System”, an exclusive software based mailroom assist system is implemented in 2012. This software is managed and controlled by our own live server and IT team.


We have a team of qualified professionals to handle our mailroom operations. Every consignment out of mailroom is entered to our mailroom application and all necessary reports were electronically generated. We also provide MIS reports to our clients as and when required. The unique feature of our application is that it allows our client to “trace and track” their consignments online with live updates. In line with international operators, we also have proof of delivery (POD) information through e-mail or SMS both to the sender and receiver. To achieve this, we have invested heavily onto the latest technology gadgets, devices, equipments and peripherals.




  IT / Support Service


Moon Express Cargo LLC is always believes in technology based solutions. We have extended our solutions to our previleged clients. Customized login to our online application will help our clients to obtain reports, track the shipment and print digital Proof-of-Deliveries (POD).


We have installed customized software that helps our clients to handle their mailroom process with ease. Also, We have provided our clients a look-ahead software to process the data and generate statements and billing information.


And, we have provided them state-of-the-art machinery to do quick, quality and perfect enveloping.




Moon Enterprises LLC

  Brief list of our highlighted services include:
• Office cleaning
• Furniture cleaning
• Floor maintenance, cleaning and polishing
• Carpet shampooing
• Window & glass cleaning
• Bathroom and kitchen cleaning
• One time cleaning jobs
• Outdoor cleaning
• Sign board cleaning
• Deep cleaning of mechanical workshops
• Loading and unloading jobs